Free Spins on the Dracula Slot

As you will know if you have read our overview and review of the Dracula slot from NetEnt on our main page, when playing it you could be awarded with what could turn out to be a set of very high paying free spins, whenever you have spun in the two stacked wild symbols on the second and fourth reels.

However, in this section of our website we are going to take a look at how, as a player, you are able to get yourself a no risk or low cost set of real money free spins to play this slot, and by playing it in one of the ways described below you are going to be able to keep any winnings you achieve off those free spins.

As all slot players are looking for a chance to increase their winning opportunities when playing slots such as the brand new Dracula slot, we would advise you to read through this guide and then make sure you checkout each of our listed online casino sites to see just which type of free spins promotional offer you qualify for.

No Risk Real Money Dracula Slot Free Spins

There are two ways in which you are going to be able to get a no risk set of free spins to play the Dracula slot game with, the first is by hunting around for any online casino site that is giving away as part of their ongoing promotional offers a set of free spins to allow their regularly players to test out this slot game at their respective site.

Be aware that many NetEnt software powered casino sites will always give their players a no risk set of real money free spins on new slot that are launched and the best valued ones are those which have the highest valued coin value attached to those sets of free spins.

There is another way that you can get access to the Dracula slot for free but have the chance of playing off a set of real money spins, and that is to simply locate one of the many NetEnt powered online casino sites that are giving away a no deposit required new player sign up bonus.

Three only downside of claiming such a bonus is that the actual amount of free credits you will be able to claim as a first time and newly registered player will be small in value and the play through requirements may be quite high, and there is also the possibility you will find a maximum payout cap in play when you are using a set of no deposit required bonus credits.

Low Cost Dracula Slot Free Spins

As the Dracula slot is a fixed payline slot game that does of course mean you are going to be obliged to play every single payline offered on this slot, and as there are 20 of them that need a stake activating on them before you can send the reels spinning.

Should you only have a very limited amount of cash available in your casino account or only wish to allocate small percentage of that bankroll to playing this slot then one way of locking in additional value is to make use of one of the many deposit match bonuses, that are offered by each of our approved NetEnt software powered casino sites.

To claim a deposit match bonus you will of course be required to make a direct deposit into your casino account and by doing so the casino offering that type of bonus will then automatically add the bonus credits to your account once the deposit has been processed.

By aware that deposit match bonuses are not only offered to first time depositing players at our featured online casino sites, they are also offered to customers who are regularly players at such sites and those types of bonuses are commonly known as re-load bonuses.

The very best type of deposit match bonuses that are going to allow you to get lots of additional low cost free spins on the Dracula slot are those which give you a bonus of at least 100% of your deposit amount.

Also look out for bonuses that only have a minimum play through requirement attached to them as those bonuses when coupled with a high percentage bonus will give you the very best value and the maximum chances of winning once you have claimed them and are using the bonus funds on the Dracula slot game.

Use Comp Points to Get Free Spins

When you are a regular real money player at any online casino site offering the range of NetEnt designed casino games, you are going to be accumulating comp and loyalty points whenever you play their range of games in the real money playing environment.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a winning or losing session, every single real money wager will be earning you comp and loyalty points. This means that over time you can accumulate a large numb of those points which you are able to exchange for playing credits when you have enough of them saved up.

We are aware that many slot players in particular will tend to save up their comp points until a brand new slot game is released, they will then redeem their comp points for playing credits when such a slot goes live and will then use those newly added bonus credits to play that new slot games with.

This is of course an ideal way for you to get low cost free spins on slots such as the Dracula slot, so make sure you check your loyalty and comp club balance to see if you have accumulated enough points to allow you to redeem them into playing credits, for if you have enough then you never know, by redeeming those points and using the bonus funds awarded for redeeming them on this slot you may have a high paying slot playing session.