Tips for Playing the Dracula Online Slot

You will want to have the best chances of playing the Dracula slot game online and ending any one single session you do play with a much enlarged bankroll which can only be achieved through a series of winning spins of course.

In this section of our website we are going to introduce you to several slot playing strategies and slot playing tips which you may be interested in should the Dracula slot game have caught your attention.

Whilst all NetEnt slots are certified as fair and random you can never be guaranteed to having a winning session when you play them, but here are many ways you can reduce your chances of busting out when playing that slot and there are also several ways you can lock in a winning payout to ensure you do not lose all of those winnings back.

Utilizing Bonuses – The one way that you are going to make your real money slot playing budget stretch a lot further than usual is by making use of one of the many bonus promotional offers available at sites offering the no download required suite of NetEnt Games.

As the Dracula slot boasts such a high payout percentage and is a slot on which you could win big at any moment, then do consider claiming some of the best valued deposit match bonuses many casinos offer their players from time to time. Even though your deposit and the bonus funds will be subject to a set of play through requirements the Dracula slot games high paying structure and its high payout percentage should give you a fair chance of exceeding those play through requirements.

Stake per Spin – As the bonus game is one aspect of the Dracula slot where some very large winning payouts can be achieved, and as there is always going to be a random number of base game spins between you triggering the bonus games, then you will need to stake each spin to allow you to have a good chance of playing off enough base game spins and then seeing those free spins bonus games being awarded.

With this in mind we would advise you to divide up your slot playing bankroll into units of around one hundred and fifty times your gaming bankroll, and by having enough money in your casino account and staking each spin to give you at least 150 base game spins, then you will have a much better chance of triggering the bonus game than if you simply played off a small number of high staked base game spins.

Loss Limit – Many players hate leaving an online casino with their bankroll completely decimated, and as such many players tend to put into their slot playing strategies something known as a loss limit. This will be a percentage of their initial bankroll that as soon as they have lost that amount of cash they will stop playing.

By ending a slot playing session when you have lost around 50% of your initial staring bankroll then you will still have those remaining funds available for the next time you get the urge to play slot games online, the percentage of your initial deposited amount you choose as your loss limit is of course up to you.

Winning Goal – In much the same way that’s lot players will attached a loss limit to their individual slot playing sessions online, many players will have in the back of their minds a winning goal, and once they achieve that winning goal they will either stop playing and save their newly enhanced casino account balance to play one or more session at a later date or will cash out those winnings and their original deposited amount.

By installing a winning goal into your next slot playing session you will never run the risk of losing back any winnings you have won. It is of course quite had and will take a strong character to stop playing slots when a player is on a winning streak, but by stopping playing on you have achieved your winning goal you will find you always have much more enjoyable slot playing sessions instead of ones on which you always lose everything back that you have won.

If you do wish to put into place a winning goal then always set your sights on winning just a modest amount of cash, many players will aim to win 25%, 50% or even 100% of their initial deposited amount as their winning goal, and the lower you set that winning goal the more chance you will have of reaching it.

Comped Credits – As you are playing slots online for real money most if not all online casinos are going to be giving you asset of comp points based on your level of real money gaming action when playing those slots. You ill hen be able to swap and redeem your accumulated comp points for real money player credits or bonus funds whenever you have earned enough of those comp and loyalty points.

However, if you have experienced a very poor run of luck when playing any online slot games online in a real money playing environment, then it may pay dividends for you to get in touch with the casino support team or your VIP Host to see if they are prepared to give you a small set of free bonus credits to cushion the blow of that poor paying slot playing session you just had.

As all online casino sites are very eager to keep their players playing many of them will always be more than happy to pop a small number of bonus credits in a player’s account, if that player has had a very low or poor paying session! So never be afraid to ask for some comped bonus credits, as you will never get given any if you do not ask, some sight may instead of giving you a set of free credits, will offer you a deposit match type bonus on your next deposit.